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Top 5 free Video editing apps for editing on Android

There are lots of video editing apps available on Android for free video editing but in this article we will tell you about best apps that can be used even by beginners.

1. Kinemaster

Kinemaster is the most commonly used video editor by Android users. Kinemaster provides free video editing upto 1080pixels(FHD) quality but adds it's own watermark at the video for removing watermark and exporting at 4K quality you needs it's pro subscription. You will also get many additional features and Kinemaster Assets store by buying Pro Plan. However, some of third party websites provide you with Kinemaster Mod(unlocked version of Kinemaster) but that's against laws and also not secure for your device. So my request to you to not use such modes , we are providing you details of some more video editors which you can use for free and without any watermark.

2.Video Guru

Video Maker YouTube- Video Guru is the best and completely free video editor by InShotInc. As a beginner , you can use this app with a simple UI that will help you to edit easily, also it will provide you export quality upto 4K for completely Free.

Instead of using insecure Mods you can use this app for your editing needs . This app is free and not charge you money for editing , but shows you some ads while exporting of the projects. I would personally recommend you as I am also a YouTuber and I have used this in my starting of YouTube till my Monetization phase and then I shifted to Kinemaster.

3. Powerdirector

This is a another video editor which is used by many YouTubers and according to some reports some big YouTubers like Harsh Beniwal also used this editor in the starting. Moreover, this editor is free for producing video upto 720p but can provide you 4K too by purchasing it's pro plan.

It also provides you with variety of features and additionaly it gives you a different feature from other products- Denoise feature that can help you remove noise from your video.

4. Filmora Go

Another popular video editor for Android that comes from Wondershare , the company that also provides video editor for PC- Wondershare Filmora 10 and other various apps.

Likely to other applications it also adds it's watermark on your video if you are using it for free. But it provides you with lot of cool editing feature that will help you edit your videos as a beginner. It is a easy to use and laoaded with lots of free features.

5. Vita

Again here is a video editor that you can use for free and it does not add it's watermark. You can navigate to Settings and can off the watermark setting. It also provides you with lot's of cool features for free and have a simple UI, you can export your video upto 1080pixles for free. But maybe you can experience some glitches while using this app and that's why we are putting this on 5th position even after it provides you video without watermark. You can use this when you need lots of animations and transitions without watermark otherwise you should go with Video Guru as there are no much reports regarding glitches in it and even I will suggest you that over Vita.

So we have discussed about all 5 editors but as a conclusion I will help you to choose between these so if you can buy editing software than you must go with Kinemaster with full combo of features and ifyou want to go fo free then try out Video Guru.

Providing you with some YouTube videos from our channel that can help you out.