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Nokia Rise and Failure

Disclaimer⚠️:This post is not for defaming any Brand nor to make brand lover hurt, this is just for a knowledge purpose.

Rise 1:

Nokia is a Finnish Company and was founded in 1865. Back in 1998 , the company was at the Top in the smartphone market by overtook of Motorola. Even one of Nokia mobile have a record of most selling electronic gadgets and that was none other than Nokia 1100.

Failure 1:

In 2007, the failure of Nokia started but it was a silent attack, as in 2007 , iPhone was launched and that's how the things started, with the iPhone now people were demanding smartphones like iPhones but Nokia was still focusing on keypad Mobiles and thought that smartphone market will not last long, well it was the 1st mistake by the Brand.

Now brand encountered 2nd mistake by not accepting Android. Well, the Nokia market values declined to 90% by 2011 as people were demanding smartphones but Nokia was still acting as blind.

Now 3rd mistake, partnership with Microsoft in 2011, and they started making Windows phone. In 2012, windows phone failed to compete with other smartphones.The main reason behind this was a few numbers of applications on the windows store as compared to Google’s Playstore and Apple’s store.

In 2014, Nokia was close to being bankrupt. But Microsoft stepped in and brought Nokia for $ 7.2 billion.


So, if we conclude the reasons for it's failure they were:

  • Innovation: Nokia didn't focused on innovation and were still making traditional phones.

  • Quick Changes: In 2006, Nokia changed their CEO and new CEO thinking lead to failures.

  • Vision: Nokia was still working blindly and didn't opted for Android.

  • Overconfidence: Nokia owners were overconfident that Nokia can't fail but they were proved wrong by their competitors.

Rise 2:

Now, in 2016 Microsoft sold Nokia to HMD Global and Nokia made it's way back to the Market. I personally, buyed Nokia smartphones at that time and people went crazy for the back of company. I remember a Advertisement of Nokia of that time , people showed their love to the company till 2018 , that was a golden period of their comeback. But slowly the decline started again.

Failure 2:

The reason for the 2nd downfall of the company were:

  • Strong Competition: Now the competition was not only Apple and Samsung, many other competitors like Xiaomi, Realme and other companies arrived that were launching smartphones with good specs and cheaper as compared to Nokia smartphones.

  • Vision: It's like Nokia didn't got any lesson from the past, they were still not focusing on customers demand and were working according to them.

  • Lineup: Nokia was not focusing on the model number of their smartphones, like seriously, they were launching smartphones as Nokia 3, Nokia 3.1, Nokia 3.1 Plus, Nokia 3.2, there was no vision to separate the smartphone lineups unlike to Samsung that have Budget range(A Series) and Premium range(S and Note Series) and Online range(M Series) separately.

And this is how they are leading towards failure again.

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