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How to start a YouTube Channel?

Updated: May 26

Whenever this question- "How to start a YouTube Channel?" arises , what's the first thing comes in your mind, Costly equipments like Camera, Microphones or a luxury YouTube Studio, well if this is your thinking than there are very less chances of your success as a YouTuber. These all are not things you need to start a YouTube channel, at initial stage the first thing you need is Passion, yes this is the one and only initial requirement and without this you can't become a successful YouTuber.

Well if you are thinking that you need a lot of investment for starting a YouTube channel, you need best gears than you are totally wrong. You can simply start a YouTube channel with the device that's in your hand: Smartphone. Today's smartphone are very advanced that can be used as a starting gear for YouTube Videos as they came equipped with good camera and you can also edit your videos on them so you don't need to buy a camera and PC in starting. For Mic purpose you can sit in a silent room or space of your house and that will be your YouTube Studio in starting. Let's discuss about alternative for other equipments.


This is very important step before starting a YouTube channel, you should be known to the category on which you will make videos like Vlogging, News, Technology, Gaming etc. This should be clear from 1st day of starting your YouTube channel.


As I discussed earlier you can replace a Costly camera with a smartphone and I personally use a Smartphone till now for my YouTube videos, I started with a Nokia 3.1 Plus and than I upgraded to Samsung M31s for improving more quality and using M31s still, and you can also start in such manner but if you really want to buy a camera you can reply us in this post and we will suggest some or will bring a post on this topic.

3. Mic:

Audio in the video is most important , viewers can compromise with your video but not with the audio so you should always take care of the audio quality. You can choose a silent room for recording your video if you can't buy a mic otherwise I would suggest you to buy a cheap and best microphone in starting, there are lot of options but among them the best is Boya BY M1(Lavalier Microphone) that will cost around Rs.720 , if you want to vlog you can buy Boya BY MM1 (Shotgun Mic) that will cost around Rs.1500 and if you want to do voiceover video you can buy Maono AU-A03 Condenser Microphone Kit that will cost around Rs.2900.

I am sharing you the buying links of all above mentioned microphones.

Buying Links:

Boya BY M1 : Click Here

Boya BY MM1 : Click Here

Maono AU-A03 Kit : Click Here


Steadiness of video is also very important , if you are giving good content with shooting at best quality does not make sense if the video have shakiness , so you need to buy a Tripod , variety of tripods are available in the market that can range more than Rs.20,000 but I am sharing you the cheap and best of them, for vlogging purpose you should buy a GorrilaPod or a OctoPod that are compatible with both- smartphones and DSLR cameras.

Buying Link:

Best GorrilaPod : Click Here

Best OctoPod : Click Here

Cheap Tripod : Click Here

Best Tripod : Click Here


Background of your video plays a important role in your video, you should choose a background wisely, the background wall should not be very bright that people concentrate on your walls instead of you and should not be very dull that makes your viewers bored. You can invest on a Green Screen that can help you change backgrounds according to your needs.

Buying Link:

Best and Cheap Green Screen without Stand: Click Here

Best and Cheap Green Screen with Stand: Click Here


Lights can lead to drop in quality of your video so you should set lights in the manner that people can see your videos without any problem.

Ring Light with Tripod Stand: Click here

7.Post Production

Well if this is a new word to you, let me tell Post Production is the Video and Thumbnail Editing. Video Editing is the thing with which you can indulge viewers in your videos for long time and can increase your Watchtime and Thumbnail is the factor for making viewers click your videos. So, both of these factors are very important and I have made seperate posts on these.

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