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How to protect YouTube Channel from Hackers?

In this post I an going to share you some tips to protect your YouTube Channel from Hackers and also the steps that you can follow if your YouTube channel is hacked.

Some tips to be protected

  1. Make a strong password and keep it secure so that no one can see your password.

  2. Make sure to on 2 Factor Authentication.

  3. Be aware of spam mails, that target to access your channel, sometimes Hackers send such spam mails in name of sponsorship and their most common targets are small channels.

  4. The tips I have shared above were basic tips, let me share you one Pro tip, but pro tip also require some investment, you can buy a Secure Key, this is a pendrive like device that can be used to access any Google or YouTube account, and for accessing your channel on PC or Mobile you will need this physical key, and this adds a extra layer of security. This is the strongest way to be protected.

  5. Try not to authenticate any Apps or Website to access any of your personal details.

  6. Download the Security Codes with you.

  7. Frequently change your passwords.

  8. Note down your Channel Creation date with you, this will not help you to be safe, but this will be used to take back your account if your Channel is hacked.

Signs that your Channel is Hacked

Mostly Hackers use to hack you Channel, when they know that you are inactive, basically they use to track your activities and find out the time when you becomes offline and it's the time when you sleep and they take this time as opportunity to hack your channel. Some signs that you can notice at time of hacking, first sign is mails , Google use to send you mail, at the time when someone try to access you account but if Hacker send such mails to Bin, before you see that can be sad to you. Second sign is by, clicking on Manage My Google Account and there you can find out all the signed in devices. Third sign, this sign is the last sign and in this you can see some sort of CryptoCurrenct Live running on your channel and even your channel name will be changed but if your seeing this, means that you are too late.

What to do if Channel is already hacked?

As I mentioned above, that if your seeing the 3rd sign means your channel is fully hacked and is very close to be banned by YouTube, that's very sad but I have some solutions for you to do if such condition happens.

At 1st or 2nd Stage:

  1. If you are at 1st or 2nd stage (above mentioned signs) than you can handle the case by yourself you have to click on Manage My Google Account > Security and Privacy> Signed in Devices , check the device that is unfamiliar to you.

  2. Check the websites and apps that are authenticated to your account and if find something unusual that remove that too.

  3. Login to your YouTube account on studio.youtube.com and check the User Permissions in Settings ,and if someone else is added as user, than remove that user.

  4. Now the most important step, try to make a more important password and change the account's password.

  5. Now repeat 1st,2nd and 3rd step and checkout that when you were, doing 4th step no one had given themselves access again.

At 3rd Stage:

  1. The only thing you can do at 3rd stage is, Contacting to YouTube Team.

  2. You can contact YouTube Team by Various means:

  • Chat Feature gets unlocked in studio.youtube.com ,whenever you get Monetization On. This is the best feature and with this you get priority help.

  • If you don't have monetization on then you can contact YouTube Team by Twitter, for this you can tweet your problem with tagging YouTube and you can also seek help of your fellow Creators and even your followers and ask them to Retweet, so that your tweet can reach more rapidly. Even you can tag us @TPrakalp and we will also help you with this.

  • Another way is by going to Google Support and their you can ask for help, but above two mentioned ways are far better than this one and will help you more.

These were all the steps that you can take if your Channel is hacked, also as I mentioned earlier, you can contact us too by any means that we have provided on the website, and we will try our best to help you out.

I have a video too for you on this topic:

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