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How to erase background from photos in just one click?

In today's post, I am going to tell you about apps & websites to help you erase the background of your photos in just one click.


Pixcut is software by Wondershare Inc, a famous brand that has developed Filmora Video Editor too. This is a very nice app, you just need to upload your photo and click on Remove Background, and just in one click, the Background will be removed and now you can download your photo, for this, you will have two options SD and HD Quality. SD Quality photos can be exported for free but you need to do some tasks for HD Quality Export. Also if you don't want to download an app, then you can use its website.

2. Polish

If you are our regular posts reader then maybe you know about this app. This app Polish comes from Inshot Inc. This app is not only for background removal as it also provides a variety of features for photo editing. This app provides a feature AI Background Remover that can help you remove the background of a photo in just one click.

3. remove.bg

You can use remove.bg platform specifically made for background removal. You can download their app or can visit their website https://www.remove.bg for your work. This platform also provides you with amazing output.

So, here I have shared 3 platforms with you for the background removal of the photo. Hope you found this useful, please like the post and follow me.

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