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Detailed: What is Garena Free Fire, the Game that got banned In India.

By Tech RJ

⚠Among the 54 apps banned by the ministry of india on Monday (February 14) was Garena Free Fire.

Garena Free Fire- Illuminated.

📍The Ministry of Home Affairs Monday banned 54 more chinsese apps, including popular battle royal title Garena free fire. The game saw dome of highest numbers in downloads last year, within a 72% increase in installs compared to 2020- a while after PUBG Mobile got banned.

Interestingly enough, the developer, Garena Sea is aSingapore-based company, but has been joined a contribution alongside other Chinese applications.

🀄What is Free Fire?

📍 Free fire is essentially a free to play battle royale game in the vein of Krafton's PUBG series, though with smaller number of players.

In this game, 50 survivors are deployed onto an osland to search of waepons and supplies, as they fight amongst each other to remain the last man standing.

• Similar to PUBG, as time passes, the available safe play area keeps decrasing, enclosing the remaining survivors in atight circle. For easy traversal, one could drive around in abandoned vehicles and look for legendry loot and supplies that are airdropped twice or thrice throughout the 10 minutes session.

¤ This was a cause for controversy last months, when PUBG developer Krafton filed two lawsuits against Garena, accusing the comapny of copying numerous mechanics, including the copyrighted "airdrop" feature.

• The players have also noted the similarities between the two games, except for the way characters are dressed. PUBG and BGMI take a more realstic approach, adding military equipment and clothing to game. Garena Free fire, however, adrons its characters bright colours with quirky voice lines and art lines of fortnite.

¤ Interestingly, Krafton aslo had legal dispute with Epic Games, when they called out Fortnite for copying their battle royal format and mechanics.

• The case was ecentually dropped, though there was no word on any settlement between two parties.

📌How does free fire make money?

📍 Generally speaking, free mobiles games or apps put advertisement in them, which upon licking or viewing the adds to the total ad revenue for the company.

• However, online multiplayee games like PUBG and Free Fire are against this sysyem, and prefer monetising their product through in-game cosmetics and a battle pass system.

•A battle pass essentially works like calendar, offering new skins and bonus items to players in exchange for earned XP. Free fire adds daily and weekly challenges, which upon completion grants experience points that can be used to unlock exclusive rewards. Dubbed 'Elite Pass', players can purchase it using 400 diamonds via the game store.

• For reference, spending Rs 89 gives you 100 diamonds, while the Rs 250 package comes with 310 diamonds.

¤ So, in order to purchase a battle pass, one will hace to spend Rs 339, earning them 410 diamonds - the remainder of which can be used to buy chaeper items or saved for later.

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