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Cryptocurrency crash from top to the floor

CryptoCurrency and Bitcoin were the words that were in trend from past few years. Almost everyone was investing on the Crypto. But Today I.e. Monday (13/06/2022) have recorded a huge crash in the Cryptocurrency including Bitcoin and Ether (Two of World's Biggest Cryptos).

The Value of Bitcoin lower down to 25,600 Dollars. This is the lowest value in the past 18 months. Comparing BTC from All time Best Value (68,000 Dollars), Value got down by more than 60%.

According to VentureFoundER, a contributor of CryptoQuant, the Value of BTC could decrease down to 14-21K Dollars in Next 2 years.

World's second most popular Crypto, Ether Value is also decreasing.

The Crypto Value on Monday is about 1355 Dollars.

Other Cryptocurrency values are also going down and the reason for this is maybe the new set of rules introduced by many countries and the Russia and Ukraine War.

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