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Best & Free Thumbnail Editing Apps(Android) for YouTube

I have already discussed about "Top Free Video Editing software on Android" with you. In this post we will discuss some free Thumbnail Editors for YouTube.

So, here I am going to list best & free 3 android apps for photo editing or you can say Thumbnail editing.

1. Canva

Canva is the most popular app used by even many famous YouTubers who have started their journey from Android smartphone. Canva have a very easy interface, so that even beginners can use it without any difficulty. Canva offers variety of templates and not only it provides you help with YouTube Thumbnail but also it provides you with making some YT intros, Facebook Campaigns, business posts etc. It's a complete application for making a proffesional quality of thumbnails. It provides you with free use but some of it's elements unlock with paid and for using some features like background eraser you have to buy a subscription of Canva. But if you have no need of such elements and features than you can use it for free.

Poster Maker
2.Poster Maker

We have Poster Maker at 2nd position in our listing. It provides you with a variety of features and templates and it have a advantage over Canva, as Poster Maker provides with feature of background erasing for free and you can even select a colour using picker tool and that colour will be erased automatically. This software can also be used for making FB posts, Instagram posts and much more but not for YT intros. I also use this software mostly for making thumbnails of my YouTube videos and the photo that given below is also made using this app.


This is our third app which is more focused on photo editing features instead of a dedicated thumbnail maker but this is very useful in Photo Editing and one of it's feature- AI Photo Background Eraser is just outstanding and you can combine this app with Postermaker or Canva when you don't want to invest on any software as Polish app provides you with most of the features for free. Also, Polish app comes from a well known Developer Brand "Inshot INC" that had given other fab apps like Video.Guru in past.

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