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Amazon Prime VS Netflix – Which one is best?

The sources of entertainment change from time to time, earlier humans used to entertain themselves by joining in a group and doing activities like Live Theatres together after that humans evolved and changed the source of entertainment to recorded entertainment which they used to enjoy through Radio, Televisions, and Projectors and now humans have evolved more and use to watch the entertainment of their choice at their place and without anyone interruption through gadgets like Smartphone, Laptop/Desktop or Tablet.

Amazon Prime vs Netflix
Amazon Prime vs Netflix

Now humans don't need to wait for their favorite show time, nor do they are needed to go to any place to enjoy some source of entertainment. We can easily enjoy any show at any time and our suitable place. Most people even use Binge-watch shows or web series on the weekends to utilize their holiday.

For watching favorite web series, movies, or shows online, people have a lot of options available online to stream any of these but Amazon Prime Video and Netflix are the king of the Video on Demand (VOD) market, and even Netflix is a very old platform in this industry. But people use to have confusion about them which one is better and for this, you can read the full article and you will get answers to all your questions.

About Amazon Prime Video and Netflix

Amazon Prime Video is one of the largest VOD Streaming services owned by Amazon that offers lots of movies, web series, TV Shows, documentaries, etc. The Platform provides 3 plans (Yearly, Quarterly, and Monthly), plans are discussed below.

Netflix is also one of the most extensive VOD Subscription Services that offers lots of movies and TV shows and it is supposed to be the oldest platform that evolved from a DVD-Mail Order Service to a Leader in Mainstream Media. Recently, it came up with web series like Squid Games and Money Heist that have made large fan following and resulted in the booming of the platform users. The platform offers monthly and yearly plans that are discussed below.

Comparison between Amazon Prime Video and Netflix

We are going to compare both platforms in detail so that it could be easy for you to decide between them.

1. Pricing:

Amazon Prime Video offers two plans – Monthly and Yearly, Monthly Plan costs INR 179, Quarterly Plan costs INR 459 and the Yearly plan costs INR 1499, these plans include the prime membership.

Netflix offers several plans with different features and Quality of streaming,

(i) Mobile: INR 149/month, with 480p streaming, 1 screen, and mobile-only access.

(ii) Basic: INR 199/month, with 480p streaming, 1 screen, and access to all devices (mobile, PC, Tablet, TV).

(iii) Standard: INR 499/month, with 1080p streaming, 2 screens, and access to all devices.

(iv) Premium: INR 649/month, with 4K+HDR Resolution, 4 screens, and access to all devices.

2. User Experience:

According to the users, Netflix has an easy user interface as compared to Amazon Prime Video, it also offers lots of features and plans to users.

3. Features:

Netflix offers simultaneous streaming but with some limitations according to plans. The Basic plan only lets you stream one device at a time, the Standard plan gives you two streams, and the Premium offering provides four.

On Amazon Prime Video, you can stream up to three videos simultaneously, but you can only watch one title on two devices simultaneously.

Both the platforms let you save the content to watch later.

4. Content:

This is the important criteria after pricing, as people use to buy any streaming service for good entertainment, so the best content is required. According to user data and recent reports people use to enjoy Netflix content very much, as it provides new and best shows and web series that target the audience to get indulged within the content. People don't like Amazon Prime Video content that much.

5. Device Compatibility:

List of devices that are compatible with Amazon Prime Video:

Amazon Devices, Android TV, Android Smartphone, Apple TV, iPhone, MAC Devices, Nintendo, Roku, Smart TV, Xbox, and Web Browsers.

List of devices that are compatible with Netflix:

Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Android Smartphone, Apple TV, iPhone, MAC devices, Nintendo, Nvidia Shield, PlayStation, Roku, Smart TV, Wii, Web Browsers, and Xbox.


Comparing both platforms we get that Netflix wins against Amazon Prime Video due to better content, cheap pricing, and good user experience.


1. Which one is cheaper- Amazon Prime Video or Netflix?

Netflix is cheaper with INR 149/month plan, the lowest plan of Amazon Prime Video is INR 179/month.

2. Does Amazon Prime Video have the best content?

According to the users, Netflix and MX Player have the best content.

3. Can I get Amazon Prime Video for Free?

Yes, you can get Amazon Prime Day Mobile Edition for free with the Airtel Prepaid and Postpaid recharges.