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Amazing Smartphone Facts

Today I am going to share some amazing facts about smartphones with you that will blow your mind.

Amazing smartphone facts

1.Android was offered to Samsung

When Android Owners were selling Android, they went for Samsung to sell Android but Samsung rejected and Google accepted that proposal and Android became Google Product.

2.Samsung is very important to Apple

Do you know some major iPhone components comes from Samsung . The displays used in iPhone are manufactured by Samsung and even some chips are also manufactured by Samsung. Many other companies are also dependent on Samsung for Display and Camera.

3."iPhone" didn't belong to Apple

Earlier "iPhone" trademark was owned by Cisco , even when it was unveiled in 2007 but after negotiating for years, now Apple owns the trademark.

4.First iPhone demo was lie

During first iPhone demo, it had lot of issues and it was in prototype form and even Steve Jobs changed many prototypes cleverly that no one can notice that during the demo.

5. Samsung Note 7 was the disastrous phone in the history

When Samsung Note 7 was launched, many heating and bursting issues came to notice and Samsung immediately called up all the units from market. Even it was considered as a crime to take Note 7 in Airline.

6. Security was the reason for BlackBerry failure

I know this might sound weird but it's true that Blackberry smartphones failure was their Security. Blackberry phones were the most secured phones but that helped terrorists and that's why government of many countries banned Blackberry.

7.One of Nokia phone have record of most selling electrical gadgets

Nokia 1100 sold over 250 million units making it most selling electrical gadgets.

8. Average person unlock their smartphone 110 times per day

Have you ever wondered the number of times you unlock your smartphone? Well according to reports an average user unlock their phone 110 times per day.

9. Motorola is a Chinese Brand instead of US Brand

Well, Motorola was initially a US Brand but than the parent company splitted in two different companies and one of that company(now Motorola) was sold to Google and than it was sold to Lenevo, and we all know that Lenevo is a Chinese Brand and that's how Motorola is also a Chinese brand now but Lenevo never shown in any ads or promoted this and that's how you were never known to this reality.

10.There are already more mobile phones than number of people in World

Well it's very shocking but it's true as every single person on an average owns about 1.5 phone(well 1.5 phone is not practically possible but it's like 1 person own 1 phone but another own 2 phones and that's how this data come).

So, these were all shocking and amazing facts and hope you loved this post so show your love to us by linking this post and following me.